#ripmywave ROADMAP

Understanding WHAT has happened.

Bringing together your real experiences as evidence of what’s been happening on the coast this year and in previous years.

Creation of website at www.ripmywave.com and monitoring unusual wave action through Submit My Wave function.

Collating of wave reports and plotting on custom Rip My Wave Google Map building a visual picture using your stories and locations.

Media and social media outreach (TV, online, radio)

Understanding WHY these waves are happening.

We are reaching out to the expert business and science community and are researching potential partners who can help us to understand why these freaky waves are hitting shores in Malta and beyond in other countries.

Planning for Stage 3:

Understanding HOW to use what we know to keep people safe.

We are exploring creating analogue and digital early warning and predictive systems using AI machine learning, satellite and other visual technology. The idea is to compound known factors and predictable effects to put an app tool into the hands of local people and tourists. For example, users checking the app may on a particular day find it says “Keep at least 1m above the shoreline at locations X to Y to Z between 4pm and 6pm”

How can you help RIPMYWAVE? If you know companies and research bodies working in the fields of satellite imagery, seismic, atmospheric and related weather fields please share www.ripmywave.com with them so they can check out getting involved in keeping swimmers and coastal visitors safer.

If you have experienced an unusual wave or waves please share this with us through Submit my Wave on our homepage.

Many thanks – Stay Safe!


#ripmywave is looking for partners to implement a wave monitoring programme starting Spring 2020. Please contact us at hello@ripmywave.com for further details. Thank you.